Dinner Infestation 

I believe everyday objects communicate with us in a way that subtly holds sway over our daily actions. The ubiquity of the dining set and its saturated presence in antique stores, and thrift shops highlight past trends of a consumerist culture and the rise of the industrial faux handmade object. I re-work vintage silverplate using the traditional metalsmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé to embellish utensils, and trays with new imagery.  This imagery illustrates animals living in our environment that we view as pests. For that reason, the insects represented on the silver are either extinct or have radically altered environments due to human actions.

The silver plated objects I chose had a previous life which can be seen on its scratched and worn surface. What intrigues me is the previous history unknown to me and the viewer. This history speaks of holiday dinners, weddings, special occasions, and ultimately the hawking of Grandma’s silver because it does not fit with the new aesthetic. I take on the secondhand store challenge to give these objects a new life. In changing the function and imagery of the traditional machine made silverplate I propose a new way of viewing and engaging with the industrial made object and the increasing list of extinct species.