Our Love 

My art work engages the permeability of personal, social, and cultural boundaries that define an individual’s public and private life. Themes of love and devotion have a long history of being carved from wood which I use in representing the love between two gay men. These objects hold personal narratives that act as metaphors for depicting the evolution of my relationship with my partner. In that my own relationship become a broader representation of love and devotion that blurs the lines between what is public or private, and gay or straight.

Adornment allows the wearer to publicly profess a sence of devotion or longing for a love one.  At the same time, this devotion is only a suggestion that is not truly revealed. The Suggestion of what is behind the intention of the wearer. This intention is not fully understood until the work is off the wearer in its home.  Not until the objects are placed in this context is the relationship revealed.